The Main Hall is the main room of the Helios. It served as an assembly room/hub and is connected to the various districts of the ship via an elevator, as well as Teslatorium. It is #23 on the Helios bow map. The centerpiece of the room is a large statue of the Greek God Prometheus.

History[edit | edit source]

Helios Masquerade Ball Poster.png

The annual Helios Masquerade Ball was held here to welcome new arrivals to the ship.

After the outbreak occurred on the ship, the Main Hall suffered considerable damage.

Close to the Sun[edit | edit source]

Rose Archer most pass through this area in order to find her sister Ada Archer. Rose leaves the Teslatorium and finds herself on top of the stairway of the ruined Main Hall. She takes a few steps and is suddenly transported into a pristine version of the Main Hall. It appears that the Helios Masquerade Ball is taking place from back in time and Rose can walk around freely. The room is filled with partygoers and a piano player, all wearing masks and doesn't note Rose's presence at all. After a short moment, Rose is transported back to the future to the top of the staircase. Only the shimmers of the people from the past are present and as Rose walks closer a disturbance occurred causing them to disappear and the grand piano to collapse. Ada contacts Rose via radio and tell Rose to find a Faraday-keycard in the reception's safe so they can meet up in Ada's apartment and escape.

The Main Hall houses a bar, a reception desk, a pneumatic station, seating areas, and the Prometheus statue. Various scientists and important historical figures' portraits hang on the walls. The Hall is in a terrible state, with toppled furniture everywhere. One of the chandeliers has fallen, crashing onto the staircase and another light fixture has been thrown on the parted stairway as well. The stairs going to the upper balconies have been barricaded with furniture, but luckily Rose can head down to the main hall past the light fixture. The Prometheus statue has suffered damage to its torch, causing sparks of electricity to fly out instead of a steady light source. The elevator is found at the far end and the remaining chandelier is swinging ominously from side to side. Various masquerade masks left by the party-goers can be found throughout the area and serve as this chapter's special collectible. The locked safe is found at the reception desk and its code (142) in the same area on a note. Rose enters the code and is granted the Faraday-keycard. As she approaches the elevator, the chandelier comes crashing down. Rose continuously unharmed and enters the elevator to find her sister, arriving at the Faraday District Apartments.

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