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Ludwig J. Ostrog is the Chief of Surgery on the Helios who started massacuring the crew of the ship once the outbreak began. He is described by Rose Archer as "a knife-wielding maniac".

Via various notes, it is revealed that Ludwig is the famous real-world serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Close to the Sun[]

Throughout the game Ludwig is seen roaming the halls repeating the phrases 'the circle must be broken' and 'time is not a river'. We first officially see Ludwig after Aubrey helps Rose escape from Ada's apartment area. Ludwig kills one of the passengers of the Helios after several stabs to the back. After making her way to the rail station, Ludwig finds and chases Rose somehow knowing her name. With help of Aubrey, she escaped.

Later on after collecting Ada's note book, Ludwig surprises Rose and once again chases her. With help from mysterious signs on the wall seemingly set up by Ludwig, Rose evades him and eventually falls into a room of fire fortunately landing on an elevated area away from the fire, however, Ludwig falls into the fire and seemingly perishes.

Later on when in the Tesla Tower trying to fix the outbreak on the Helios, Ludwig, whos face is severely burnt and seemingly melted jumps out onto Rose and states that 'time will not be repeated' and stabs Roses hand into the table. Ludwig later attacks Tesla, but is stopped by Aubrey, who sacrifices himself to give Rose time to kill both him and Ludwig. Ludwig perishes for good this time.