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The Theater

The Helios Grand Theatre, or simply the Theatre, is a large theater location onboard the Helios. Various plays and outside performance artists performed for the crew and guests of the ship. It is numbered as 2 on the bow section map. It is where Chapter 6 takes place.


The theatre differs from the rest of the Helios, being in a variation of the Baroque/Rococo style instead of Art Deco. Various plays, from classics to originals, were performed here and artists from around the world showcased their acts for a limited time

Known Performances[]

  • Macbeth
  • Frankenstein
  • Les Misérables
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • Moby Dick
  • The Course of Empire
  • Ballet Aboard the Helios
  • The Three Opera Singers
  • Fervaal - Ludovica Petronova
  • The Great Fabrier - F. Fabrier

Close to the Sun[]

Rose Archer must venture here to find her sister's second notebook, which is hidden somewhere in the area.


Screenshot 04

Tesla and Ada in the lobby.

Rose enters via elevator and is shocked at the size of the lobby, she continues on and sees a vision from the past of her sister with Nikola Tesla walking to the theatre itself.

The lobby has no apparent structural damage and is in overall good shape, with some toppled furniture and broken glassware, but no dead bodies anywhere. Passengers have barricaded the grand staircase's paths going to the lower floor and the lobby's balcony with furniture, meaning the only way to go is the theatre. There is a Pneumatic Station and a bar, seating areas, and two Rail Stations. Posters for the various plays and performances can be seen on the walls.


Screenshot 23

Visions of Tesla and Ada in the theatre.


Private Balconies[]