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The Apartments are the living quarters where the passengers of the Helios resides, numbered as 25 on the map, and located in the Faraday District and serves as one of the main areas during Chapter 3 of Close to the Sun.



Close to the Sun[]

Rose Archer arrives in this area via the elevator in search of her sister Ada Archer and arrives in the lobby.


As soon as Rose leaves the elevator, she notes the strange smell in the lobby. She walks through the lobby towards the atrium and passes the lobby's reception desk where she can find a caricature drawing of Nikola Tesla. There is also a map of the Helios, a toppled luggage cart and a coffee machine in the area. Rose reaches the atrium entrance, only for the main gate to be locked. By the gate is a shimmer of a man from the past. As Rose approaches, a man runs past on the other side of the gate. Rose backtracks, to find two doors. One of them won't budge, but the other can be forced open. Rose uses her body weight to open the door and falls over a mangled human corpse. She is shocked and starts having a panic attack as she sees that the whole room is filled with brutally killed passengers. "Time is not a river" is written in blood on a wall of the room, which appears to be an employee-only area. With the help of Ada on the radio, Rose recovers and continues on through a door in the back to the atrium.


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Rose enters on the second floor of the atrium and continues on to find her sister. A statue of Michael Faraday is the centerpiece of the area.

Second Floor[]

She walks by a body of a murdered man who rests by a gated stairway to the first floor and a laundry area and approaches the Delta Quarter. As she walks Rose can look over the balcony to take in the view of the large area and the first floor, but as she nears the Delta Quarters, a light is turned on in one of the Delta's windows, showing the shadow of a man, only for the curtains to be shut before Rose can see who it is.

First Floor[]


Gamma Quarter[]
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Rose must enter to find the keycard to Ada's apartment, which was given to Ada's friend Eliza Fairfield, who lives here. When first approached, the Gamma Quarter is inaccessible to Rose, as there are live wires covering the entrance. After disabling the electricity Rose can enter. The entrance has been barricaded with various furniture by the passengers inside, but there are no survivors. The common room is in ruins with bodies everywhere and further on are the apartments. Eliza's keycard can be found outside her door and Rose may enter and find the keycard, as well as Eliza who committed suicide. After obtaining the keycard Rose can leave, but the player can also enter the apartments of Aubrey King and Wilhelm Steinitz if they have found their keycards.